After 4 years of the successful “We Have The Meats” campaign, Arby’s wanted to see what was next. People, many of them super old, were still only eating Arby’s roast beef, oblivious to the like 30 other sandwiches on the menu. So for 6 months, my AD partner Rob and I essentially lived at the office, authoring the iconic cult brand’s next chapter. It’s all centered around a ridiculous, fictitious version of Arby’s real executive chef in Arby’s real test kitchen in Atlanta, Georgia. It was written for H. Jon Benjamin since day one, and we somehow got him to step out of the voiceover booth and in front of the camera to air out his frustrations as a misunderstood sandwich savant. 

Director – Adam & Dave
Creative Team – Joanne Torres (CD), Mike Behrends (Writer), Rob Anton (AD)